International Programs in Engineering (IPENG)

Even in Engineering you’ll be able to fit a study abroad experience into your schedule. You can choose to do a short-term trip or spend a summer, semester, or year abroad and still graduate in the same amount of time. Plus, the benefit to you is invaluable. Employers seek job applicants with international experiences, and intercultural skills can often be a deciding factor for selecting new employees.

Short Term

WHAT: Discovery study tours, international enhancements to semester courses, project with Registered Student Organization, or other short-term opportunity

WHY: Introduce you to a foreign culture while earning credit or performing service project; encourage you to o consider longer term programs

WHEN: During semester breaks or Summer Session I (mid-May to mid-June)

Check IPENG and the campus Study Abroad Office for the most current information.


WHY: Typically these programs include courses in language and culture that can be applied to humanities, Western, or non-Western cultural studies requirements, and toward the International Minor in Engineering, if enrolled. A few programs offer some technical credit.

WHEN: 4 – 9 weeks, depending on the program

CREDIT: 3 – 6 or more semester credit hours

Semester and/or Academic Year

WHY: Semester and academic year programs offer the most beneficial way to learn about another culture via immersion for an extended time. If you are serious about developing your intercultural understanding and skills, consider spending one or two semesters studying abroad.

WHEN: 14-16 weeks per semester, simliar to the Illinois fall/spring semesters; while the dates of the terms are different depending on the country of choice, the length of time is similar.