Faculty Profile

Philip B Godfrey

Computer Science
Philip B Godfrey
Philip B Godfrey
Associate Professor
3211 Siebel Center for Comp Sci
201 N. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana Illinois 61801
(650) 814-1962

Primary Research Area

  • Systems and Networking


  • University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2009


P. Brighten Godfrey is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in May 2009, advised by Ion Stoica, and his B.S. at Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. His research interests lie in the design and analysis of networked systems. He is a winner of the 2012 National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the 2012 IEEE Communications Society & Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award, the 2010 IEEE Communications Society Data Storage Technical Committee Best Paper Award, and a best paper award at HotSDN 2012.

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Research Interests

  • Design and analysis of networked systems and algorithms, low latency networked systems, data center network architectures, software-defined networks, network security and debugging, and social network analysis algorithms.