Law & Policy

Law & Policy


You don't get to build it if the law and regulations say "no." The law and policy theme will teach you to understand the way law is "king over all" your projects.

GenEd Requirement Abbreviations

SS - Social & Behavioral Sciences
HUM - Humanities & The Arts
WCC - Western/Comparitive Cultures

NW - Non-Western Cultures
US - US Minority Cultures
LibEd - Liberal Education

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Course # Course Name Instructor Satisfies Hours
BADM 300

The Legal Environment of Business

Introduction to law and the legal system, tort law, products liability, agency law, introduction to business organizations, introduction to government regulation, securities regulation, antitrust law.
Pre-req: Junior standing

J. Kindt, P. Lansing



LAW 301

Introduction to Law

Guides the undergraduate student in an initial study of law and legal reasoning. Covers the nature and function of rules/law, the distinctiveness of legal reasoning, and the way in which law responds to social phenomena and contributes to the development of different social, business and economic institutions. Includes both criminal and civil proceedings. Serves as a foundation course for a minor in law or as a general foundation course for those interested in applying to law school. Also of interest to students who are not interested in pursuing a more formal law education, but for whom general legal training will enhance their career aspirations. Develops skills that are transferable to virtually any career.

J. Pahre


2 or 3

PS 220

Intro to Public Policy

Surveys the policy process including adoption, implementation, and evaluation. Topics may include reviews of substantive policy issues such as crime, energy, environment, poverty, foreign policy, civil liberties, or economic regulation.
Pre-req: PS 100 or PS 101, or consent of instructor.