Business Management for Engineers

The Business Management for Engineers (BME) program is designed for students with an engineering or technology background who aspire to rise in management, make higher level strategic business decisions, and hone leadership skills. This program will provide students with the tools necessary in proposing and managing initiatives and evaluating technology innovation from a business standpoint.

This program is designed to provide a multiplier effect on the value of an engineering degree by offering students the opportunity to explore the ways that technological innovations are created and adopted throughout the modern world.

This certificate curriculum includes leadership and innovation material for those engineers who are interested in managing in an existing enterprise, rather than exclusively starting or leading a venture. BME courses are taught by Fortune 500 executives, leading innovators in engineering, top domain experts, and distinguished academics.

Program Requirements

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Individuals who wish to obtain a certificate in Business Management for Engineers must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree
  • Complete the following core courses:
    ENG 560 - Managing Advanced Technology I (1 hour)
    ENG 565 - Technology Innovation and Strategy (2 hours)
  • Students are required to take one of the following to fulfill their core courses:
    ENG 561: Managing Advanced Technology II (1 hour)*
    ENG 460 - Entrepreneurship for Engineers (1 hour)
  • Complete any combination of the following elective courses/activities for a total of at least two credit hours:
    ENG 398 - Legal Issues in Eng Entrprnshp (3 hours)
    ENG 466 - High-Tech Venture Marketing (2 hours)
    ENG 566 - Finance for Engineering Management (2 hours)
    GE 400: Engineering Law (3 hours)**
    Attendance of the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshop (equivalent to 2 hours course credit)

    *If completed prior to August 2014, either ENG/TE 460 or ENG/TE 561 fulfills this requirement. After that date, only ENG/TE 460 does.
    **If completed prior to August 2014, students may count GE 400 towards this certificate. If taken after, GE 400 will not count towards this certificate.
  • Earn at least a B- in each course
  • Processing fee: $100. Payment can be made online with a credit card or a check/money order can be mailed. These options are available to choose from in the online application.
  • If payment represents a hardship, there is an option to waive the processing fee. When you go to apply for the certificate, in the payment options, you will see this as an option.

Since a course cannot count toward more than one certificate, please note that it is currently not possible to earn both a BME and an STM certificate. If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Newell.