SURGE Fellowship

SURGE Fellowship Program

Engineering at Illinois' departments nominate incoming doctoral students from under-represented communities for the SURGE Fellowship program, which is administered by the College of Engineering. This fellowship is designed to increase diversity within the engineering student body in the following groups: African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, women, persons with disabilities, Alaskan Natives, or Native Pacific Islanders.

SURGE fellows receive a full fellowship the first year and then will either hold a research assistant, teaching assistant or graduate assistant position within their home department for years 2-5 of their doctoral program. In addition to their RA, TA, or GA position, students also receive a $4,000 fellowship from the College of Engineering. SURGE fellows are required to make satisfactory progress toward their doctoral degree in order to continue to receive this fellowship.

SURGE Program Requirements

  • United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Pursuing a doctoral degree as a full-time student
  • You are a member of at least one of these groups: women, African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, Alaskan natives, or Native Pacific Islanders

Learn more about the SURGE fellowship program and meet the current SURGE Fellows here.


Email us at or call the Engineering Graduate, Professional and Online Programs Office at (217) 265-4560.

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