group of students at CARE

Professional Development

Our unique, specialized centers provide another resource to help make you the most prepared and innovative upon graduation.

Engineering Career Services (ECS)

Search for internships and co-ops, create or refine your résumé and cover letter, or find your dream job when you visit Engineering Career Services on the third floor of Digital Computer Lab. Research top jobs for your major, find details on career fairs, learn the finer points of interviewing among many other career-related items.

Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE)

Located on the fourth floor of Grainger Engineering Library, CARE is a state-of-the-art facility that provides innovative learning and resources for all engineering students.

This dynamic learning community merges services and expertise to support you as an engineering student as you work to realize your academic and professional aspirations.

Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC)

TEC is unique to Illinois and knows how to get ideas off the ground. If you’re interested in anything entrepreneurial, get involved with TEC as soon as possible.

Through TEC, you’ll have opportunities via education, experiences, and resources, to become leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship at Illinois and throughout their careers. TEC will help you join the next generation of world-changing visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs able to navigate the complex concepts inherent in the simultaneous processes of technology innovation and market adoption.


  • Courses
  • Venture and product competitions
  • Workshops
  • Annual Silicon Valley Workshop that includes visits to startups and leading technology companies, many of which have Illinois alumni on their teams

The Center offers on-site and online certificate programs for education and professional development, and hosts outreach activities for students and alumni.

TEC also administers the annual Cozad New Venture Competition and the $20,000 Illinois Innovation Prize, among several other programs.

Illinois Leadership Center

A resource at the University level, the Illinois Leadership Center can provide you with opportunities to develop or enhance essential leadership skills.

Think about earning their Leadership Certificate. You’ll experience a multi-semester program designed to develop your leadership skills by working with a Leadership Coach and creating a Leadership Portfolio that showcases your growth.