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Unique Learning

Unique Learning Opportunities

With Engineering at Illinois, you're going to get more than just an excellent education taught by top faculty plus the opportunity to perform groundbreaking research. We offer the extras that make a huge differenece in your experience,

We have special courses, a joint minor with the College of Business, projects, and specialized centers to make your academic experience truly unique, and thus more mareketable and beneficial for when you enter the job market.

Illinois Engineering First-Year Experience (IEFX)

Your freshman year will be a strong start to your Engineering at Illinois experience, allowing you to dive right in to the cool things about engineering. IEFX is a college-wide program unique to Illinois. It focuses on your interests and aspirations and interweaves them throughout your engineering education.

What You’ll Experience

  • 4 weeks of Engineering 100, then a customized project-based course
  • Faculty and corporate involvement
  • Academic and leadership development workshops and events
  • Experiential learning for preparation of many different careers
  • Application of skills learned inside the classroom to projects and activities outside the classroom
IEFX students“One very valuable skill we gained was teamwork and working with a group. With engineering and our classes, we’ll always be working with other people, and you’ll need to be able to communicate and work productively with other people.” - Chuma Kabaghe

Through IEFX, you’ll build a foundation on which you can develop your undergraduate experience that is rich in the joys of engineering, learning, and community.

Sample Projects

  • Created a Helix wind turbine prototype using a 3D printer
  • Constructed a boat propelled by a fin, not a propeller
  • Developed an android application to find the nearest open dining hall on campus
  • Built a machine to spread condiments on bagels

Cancer Community @ Illinois

The Cancer Scholars Program is a new undergraduate program created to provide a unique and interdisciplinary student learning experience. Whereas traditional undergraduate education has focused on classroom instruction independent of career aspirations or broader causes, this new model for undergraduate education is motivated by societal challenges and incorporates real-world experiences. Aligned with students’ passions, this approach is designed to inspire better learning, provide opportunity for undergraduate students to work in a meaningful manner in an important area for society, and ultimately impact society with smart and innovative Illinois graduates providing solutions against cancer.

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Hoeft Technology & Management Program

This innovative program is offered jointly through the Colleges of Engineering and Business. It bridges the gap between traditional engineering and business education by offering a unique curriculum to a select group of highly qualified undergraduates. In the T&M Program, you will work closely with corporate partners and gain invaluable skills that will make you a leader in technology and business.

Senior Design Projects

Senior design projects offer you an unparalled opportunity to work with a company on a specific project, which will give you beneficial hands-on experience before you graduate. You’ll work in teams to solve real world problems for corporate or not-for-profit clients. All engineering departments (except Physics) have a capstone or senior design project.

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