Scholarships for Continuing Students

Eligibility and Qualifications

Students in an engineering program with at least one semester of grades received in engineering at the University of Illinois are encouraged to apply. (Note: Students who have no GPA from Illinois or who are not pursuing an engineering undergraduate degree do not qualify).

The scholarships for engineering undergraduate students are merit-based. Qualified applicants are expected to be involved, both academically and professionally. It is therefore important to be prepared before applying. Successful candidates are typically connected with faculty in some way. For example, they may be performing research, contributing to RSOs, or volunteering.

While a strong GPA is a qualifying factor for many specific scholarships, relevant activities are also important. Well-rounded applicants have a better chance of becoming scholarship recipients. Students should also be prepared to submit a resume as part of their application.

Application Process

Most scholarships require that students prepare a written application, but others do not and are based on academic performance only. For scholarships that require an application, student fill out one unique application for all the scholarships managed by the college of engineering. A Scholarship Committee then reviews all applicants and takes into account all aspects and elements of the application. Applicants will then be matched with currently available scholarships, taking into account each fund's agreements and criteria.

The number and type of scholarships vary each year. From time to time, additional scholarships may become available and may be awarded based on applications that have been received for the scholarships listed below, so it is in a student’s best interest to submit an application each year. An existing application for a given year allows a student to be eligible for any new scholarship that becomes available between submission of that application until the following January.

Submit Your Application

Typically available end of February.

Required Letters of Recommendation

All applications require two letters of recommendation from professional/academic references, i.e., Illinois or other college faculty members, advisors to organizations/activities in which the student has participated, or supervisors during internships or other employment. At least one of the recommendation letters must be from a University of Illinois faculty member or advisor.

Professional references must submit their recommendation here. They will be asked to provide the student’s NetID ( and the student’s UIN on the reference letter (make sure to provide both to your references).

Application Deadline

Thursday at 5 p.m. before Spring Break for the next academic year. Notice it has been moved one day earlier.

General Scholarships

Name  Criteria for Selection  Criteria for Renewal  Application Required 
Boeing Scholarships: Boeing Women in Engineering Scholarship Boeing Engineering Diversity Scholarship Boeing NACME Scholarship; For undergraduate students with technical aptitude, such as CS, Aero, ECE, ISE, Civil, MechSE, Industrial, and Physics. Emphasis on those who are under-represented or have financial need or merit or both. Interest in the aerospace/defense or cyber security industry preferred. 3.2 GPA Students must have authorization to work in the United States on a full-time basis for other than training purposes (student/temporary visas do not qualify). Renewable with new application   Yes 
WIE Kirkwood Scholarship  Female student nominated by her department or an Assistant Dean in Undergraduate Programs.  Enrollment in an engineering program.  Strong academic performance while at Illinois.  Yes No 
Schlader Memorial Scholarship in Engineering  Enrollment in an engineering program.  Strong academic performance while at Illinois.  Non-renewable  Yes 
John Deere Women in Engineering Corporate Scholarship Preference to undergraduate minorities and women in Electrical/Computer, Computer Science, Agricultural, Environmental, Mechanical, or Industrial/General, Materials Science Engineering. Minimum GPA is 3.0. Non-renewable  Yes 
Chevron Engineering Scholarship Available for Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental, Materials Science, and Electrical Engineering. 3.3 minimum GPA required. Preference for underrepresented minorities. Non-renewable  Yes 
Dale W. and Wanda L. Weaver Engineering Scholarship  Enrollment in an engineering program.  Selected based upon application.  US Citizenship required.  Non-renewable  Yes 
LyondellBassell Futures in the Chemisphere Scholarship Available for Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Minimum 3.25 GPA and completion of 30-90 credit hours. Must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident. Non-renewable  Yes 
DaRin Butz Foundation Scholarship for WIE Women enrolled in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Engineering Physics.  Renewable with new application Yes 
John Nickolls Memorial Scholarship Enrollment in the College of Engineering, with preference to students in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.  Non-renewable, but may be awarded to same student multiple times. Yes 
William J. Mayer Engineering Scholarship  Enrollment in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.  Preference to transfer students from a community college.  Special preference to students who are residents of Illinois counties south of I-70 and/or have served honorably in the United States military.  Renewable  No 
Clark-Dietz Inc. Engineering Scholarship Enrollment in Civil, Environmental or Electrical Engineering. US citizen or Permanent Resident. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Strong preference to women and/or underrepresented students in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year. Renewable  Yes 
Phillip Lazzara Memorial Scholarship  Undergraduate student in 3rd or 4th year, enrolled in an engineering program.  US Citizen and Illinois resident.  Non-renewable, but may be awarded to same student multiple times. Yes
Caryn Terese Casaz Engineering Scholarship  Member of Society of Women Engineers with preference to a student athlete.  Non-renewable  No 
Thomas A. Prickett Engineering Award Enrollment in an engineering program.  Outstanding musician in a university band as selected by the Director of Bands  Non-renewable  No 
Crowe Horwath LLP Scholarship Available for Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors in any engineering major. Must be in good standing and must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident. Non-renewable  Yes 
George L. Bridwell Memorial Scholarship  Female with FAFSA need. Enrollment in an engineering program.  Strong academic performance while at Illinois.  Non-renewable, but may be awarded to same student multiple times.  Yes 
Robert K. Baetzmann Scholarship  High academic. Enrollment in an engineering program.   Non-renewable  Yes
Eggers Engineering Scholarship   Enrollment in an engineering program, with preference to students in Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Non-renewable  Yes
Dwight L. & Rowena R. Glasscock Memorial Scholarship   Financial need based on FAFSA, high academic merit and enrollment in an engineering program.   Non-renewable  Yes
Helen McDonnell Memorial Scholarship   Financial need based on FAFSA, high academic merit and enrollment in an engineering program.   Non-renewable  Yes
Primus Engineering Scholarship   Female with financial need based on FAFSA, high academic merit and enrollment in an engineering program.   Non-renewable  Yes
Robert M. Stephens Engineering Scholarship   Enrollment in the College of Engineering. US Citizen.   Non-renewable  Yes
Parker Hannifin Engineering Scholarship   Preference to Mechanical Engineering student.   Non-renewable  Yes
American Transmission Company LLC Scholarship   Must be enrolled in Electrical Engineering.   Non-renewable  Yes
Sargent and Lundy Engineering Scholarship   Preference to Illinois residents. Must be a junior enrolled in Civil Engineering (with a concentration on Structures), Mechanical Engineering, Engineerinh Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Nuclear, Plasma and Radiolaogical Engineering.   Renew senior year   Yes
TechnipFMC, Inc Scholarship   Enrollment in Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Systems Engineering and Design.   Renewable   Yes

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The following scholarships will be awarded using the same application as the Continuing Student Scholarships, but recipients MUST be an active member of SWE.



CH2M Hill No specific criteria 
Dow Corning  Must be a Freshman or Sophomore in ME, MatSE, ChemE or Electrical Engineering 
Precision Cast 
No specific criteria 
Hormel  Minimum gpa 2.7; Must be enrolled in CivilE, ME, EM, ABE, IE, or GE 
Deloite  Minimum gpa 3.4; Must be enrolled in GE, CS, or CompE.  Preference to someone demonstrating 
strong leadership skills, a commitment to SWE and campus service, and interest in consulting. 
Kraft  Minimum gpa 3.0; Must be Sophomore or Junior in ChemE, EE, GE, IE or ME 
BP  Minimum gpa 3.0; Must be Sophomore or Junior in ChemE, EE, CivilE or ME
Proctor & Gamble  Minimum gpa 2.75; Must be Freshman, Sophomore or Junior in ChemE, EE, IE, MatSE, or ME
SWE  Must be Freshman or Sophomore
SWE  Must be Junior or Senior