Undergraduate Admissions

How to Apply

All engineering applications are submitted through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We do not use the Common Application.

What's Considered

Your application will be reviewed holistically, meaning a wide variety of factors are taken into consideration:

High School Courses & GPA

When planning what courses to take in high school for entry into engineering, it’s important to:

  • Have strong academic rigor. Take the most advanced courses available to you that will allow you to earn grades that reflect your academic ability, especially in math and science. If your school offers a pre-engineering or AP track, we will look to see if you followed it. If you did take AP/IB/A Level exams, you may be able to enter Illinois with some college credit.
  • Consistently perform well in these courses through senior year, final semester.

Test Scores (ACT or SAT)

There is no minimum required standardized test score (ACT/SAT). However, we do like to see a good score, especially in math.

High School Class Rank

Admission into Engineering at Illinois is most selective. Therefore it’s important to see that you have excelled throughout high school and acted as an academic leader in your class. If schools track high school percentile rank, it will be reviewed with your application.

Selectivity for 2018 Admitted Freshman Engineers

Middle 50%

ACT: 32 - 35
SAT (no writing): 1430 - 1530
GPA: 3.70-4.00
TOEFL: 106-113

Application Essays

The essay portion of the application is vital. It provides you the opportunity to:

  • Describe why you’re interested in the major to which you applied
  • Showcases your passion through chosen activities, work experience, research, or course selection in high school
  • Address the challenges you have faced and overcome
  • Share how you've matured and grown through past experiences or provide evidence of character development, cultural insight, community awareness, and/or leadership
  • Set yourself apart
  • Prove strength of writing

Most of all, we look for a genuine passion in the pursuit of an engineering career.

Extracurricular activities, work, and volunteer experience

Achievement outside the classroom demonstrates personal strengths and skills. We look for students who are going to continue that involvement once on campus and participate in the wealth of activities found at Illinois.

Awards and other accomplishments

We will take note if you have demonstrated significant impact or level of accomplishment in your school, community, state, and/or national activities.