When you apply to Engineering at Illinois, you must apply to a specific engineering major.

List of Engineering Majors

View our list of 15 top-ranked majors and discover which ones are a good fit for your interests and professional goals.

Engineering Minors and Dual Degrees

As an Engineering student, you can definitely complete a minor or a dual degree. This can be done with a program in engineering or in another program on campus, such as business, chemistry, or mathematics.

How to Declare A Minor

Once you obtain at least 30 credit hours, you are able to declare a minor by simply filing a minor declaration form in 206 Engineering Hall, though you must first receive approval from the department administering the program. However, certain minors in large demand or with limited space may require an application process, as is the case for the Technology & Management minor.

How to Declare A Dual Degree

If you’re considering a dual degree, you should explore your options with the Undergraduate Programs office, as they approve all plans. A minimum of 30 credit hours are required beyond the first degree, which typically adds one additional year of study.

If you’re considering a dual degree in another college on campus, it’s normal to transfer to that college for a minimum of two semesters. For any degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, an application must also be filed with them and you must have a minimum 3.25 GPA at the time of application.