Letter of Intent to Re-Enter

You must submit the Letter of Intent to Re-enter if you took a leave of absence for one semester, if you are a student in good standing (i.e., not on drop status), and you wish to return to your studies at Illinois. Submission of this letter is necessary to lift the academic hold on your record.

See for filling out the necessary form and all details about the process.

Petition for Re-Entry

A student who leaves the University during the course of any term is considered a “withdrawal.” The reasons for withdrawal may not have been academic but readiness to return is still a concern. Hence, you are on “must petition” status. Students who took a leave of absence for more than one semester must submit the Petition for Re-Entry.

If you were dismissed from the University for academic reasons then you are on “drop status.” You must make a case for your readmission and convince us that readmitting you is the right thing to do. Your case for readmission from drop status must be sound and backed up by tangible evidence. Support from different sources will add strength to your petition. Your petition will be evaluated on its own merits, taken in the light of your record here at the University of Illinois.

See for filling out the necessary form and all details about the process.

*For full consideration, your Petition for Re-Entry must be received in our office prior to the deadline listed on your form. If you submit your petition after the deadline, your request for readmission may be deferred to the next academic semester or term.