Faculty Profile

Barclay G Jones

Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
Barclay G Jones
Barclay G Jones
Professor Emeritus
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(217) 333-2295


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Primary Research Area

  • Nuclear Power


  • Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois, 1966
  • M.S., Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois, 1960
  • B.E., Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 1954

Academic Positions

  • Head, Nuclear Engineering - May 1987 ￿ January 1999
  • Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Sept. 1972-present

Other Professional Employment

  • Athlone Fellow - English Electric Co., Rugby, England, Sept. 1954 - Sept. 1955

Major Consulting Activities

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna, Austria): Taejon, Korea & Argonne Nat. Lab, 2000-2001
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (National Nuclear Accrediting Board: 1999-2005): Atlanta, GA
  • Electrical Power Research Institute: Palo Alto, CA
  • Illinois Power Company ￿Nuclear Review Audit Group, Clinton, Illinois
  • Thermal-Hydraulics, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C., 1994-1997
  • Fauske and Associates, Inc., Burr Ridge, Illinois
  • Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

Research Interests

  • Micro- and Nano-Boiling Heat Transfer Systems
  • Nuclear Reactor Safety
  • Flow Noise Generation & Abatement
  • Boiling Heat Transfer
  • Particle Dispersion
  • Marangoni Flows (Porous Media)
  • Nuclear Waste Isolation (Brine Migration)
  • Control of Nuclear Reactor Systems
  • Flow Induced Vibrations
  • Turbulence
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Mechanics

Research Areas

  • Advanced Reactor Designs
  • Nuclear Power
  • Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Two‐Phase Flow and Heat Transfer

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Wu, W., Jones, B. G. and T. A. Newell, "A Statistical Model of Bubble Coalescence and Its Application to Boiling Heat Flux Prediction-Part II: Experimental Validation, " Journal of Heat Transfer, V. 131, n 12, p 121014 (11 pp) (2009)
  • Beitelman, A.D., Carlson, T. A., Jones, B. G., Marsh, C. P. and D. Kessler, "Innovative Coating System for Corrosion Prevention and Temperature Reduction in Heat Distribution Manholes," Report: ERDC/CERL-TR-09-24, 118p (2009)
  • Zou, L. and B. G. Jones, "One Dimensional Boiling Heat Transfer Model in Thick Porous Deposits," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, v. 100, p. 717-18, 2009
  • Bindra, H. and B. G. Jones, "Bubble Oscillatory Dynamics in Sub-Cooled Boiling Medium from Large Cavities, " Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, v 98, p 549-51 (2008).

Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • Peipei Chen, Wen Wu, Barclay G. Jones and Ty A. Newell, ￿Visualization of Sub-cooled Flow Boiling In Hypervapotron Cooling Configuration￿, ICONE13-50291, Beijing, China, May 16-20, 2005
  • Qinyang Rao and Barclay G. Jones, ￿Numerical Simulation of Surface Tension Driven Flows and Boron Concentrations Around a Vapor Bubble During Sub-Cooled Boiling in Boric Acid Solution,￿ ICONE12-49144, Arlington, Virginia (Washington, D.C.), USA, April 25-29, 2004
  • Hyun-Jong Joe and Barclay G. Jones, ￿Understanding Local Concentration Levels of 10B and Radiolysis Products (H2, O2, and H2O2) Within the Porous Crud Layer￿, ICONE 12-49083, Arlington, Virginia (Washington, D.C.), USA, April 25-29, 2004, 2004
  • Peipei Chen, Barclay G. Jones and Ty A. Newell, ￿An Experimental Investigation of Sub-cooled Boiling in Hypervapotron Cooling configuration￿, ICONE12-49176, Arlington, Virginia (Washington, D.C.), USA, April 25-29, 2004
  • W. Wu, B. G. Jones, T. A. Newell, ￿Measurement and Analysis of Bubble Behavior in Sub-Cooled Nucleate Boiling Flow Field with High Fidelity Imaging System￿, ICONE12-49586 Arlington, Virginia (Washington, D.C.), USA, April 25-29, 2004, 2004


  • Reising, D. C., B. G. Jones, N. Moray, S. Shaheen, P. M. Sanderson, and J. Rasmussen , ￿Computer-Generated Direct Perception Displays for Supporting PWR Feedwater System Start-up and Fault Management: A Proof-of-Principle in Design,￿ IAEA Conf. At Argonne National Lab. (September, 1997).
  • Jones, B.G., S. Shaheen, N. Moray, D.C. Reising, P.M. Sanderson, and J. Rasmussen. Development of advanced direct perception displays for nuclear power plants to enhance monitoring, control, and fault management (Contract No. DE-FG02-92ER75781). Germantown, MD: U.S. Department of Energy (1996).

Professional Societies

  • Engineering Institute of Canada (Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering) - Member
  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers - Member
  • American Society of Engineering Education - Member -1988-present, Chair 1996-97, Sec. 1995-96, Exec. Comm. 1993-1997
  • Executive Committee 1988-1991, 1997-present
  • Honors & Awards Comm. 1988-present
  • Education & Training Div. Exec.Comm. 1988-1995
  • Thermal Hydraulics Div Comm. 1988-1991
  • NEED Comm. 1981-1984
  • American Nuclear Society - Member - Publications Comm. 1972-75, Student Conf. Comm. 1976

Service on Department Committees

  • Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering Alumni Board, 1999 - present
  • Nuclear Engineering Advisory Committee, Ex off - 1986-present
  • Nuclear Engineering Sigma Xi Coordinator 1982 - present
  • Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Committee 1982 - 1986, Ex off-1986-1999
  • Nuclear Engineering Admissions Committee 1981 - 1986, Ex off - 1986-present
  • Nuclear Engineering Alumni Committee Contact 1981 - 1999
  • Nuclear Engineering Research Summary Editor 1981 - 1999
  • Nuclear Engineering Curriculum Committee 1978 -Chair 1982 - 1986, Exoff -1986-1999
  • Nuclear Engineering Graduate Committee 1977 - 1986, Ex off-1986-1999

Service on College Committees

  • External Affairs Committee, 2000-present
  • Building Plans and Allocations, 1986-present
  • College of Engineering Committees: Registration and Student Advising, 1980-present

Service on Campus Committees

  • Member Graduate College Executive Committee, 2000 - present
  • Member - Graduate College Committee on Classified Research, 1984 - present

Other Outside Service

  • IAEA Workshop on Nuclear Safety, Argonne National Laboratory, March 5 - April 16, 2001
  • Basic Nuclear Engineering Education for International Atomic Energy Agency for South East Asia Region IAEA Workshop on Nuclear Safety, Taejon, Korea, February 5 - 16, 2001
  • Nuclear Engineering Education Research, 1999 - present
  • External Reviewer for Department of Energy - Nuclear Energy Research Proposals: Nuclear Energy Research Initiative, 1999 - present
  • Member - Board of Directors, "Countryside School" 1994-2000


  • ASEE Glenn Murphy Award (2000)
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Nuclear Engineering Department (1998)
  • Power Engineering Educator Award, Edison Electric Institute (1991)
  • American Nuclear Society Fellow (1991)
  • Tau Beta Pi - Faculty Initiate (1979-80)
  • International Who's Who in Engineering
  • Who's Who in Atoms (6th edition)
  • Who's Who in the Midwest
  • American Men and Women of Science