Faculty Profile

Nathan Gabrielson

Materials Science and Engineering
Nathan Gabrielson
Nathan Gabrielson
207 Ceramics Building MC 243
105 S. Goodwin
Urbana Illinois 61801
(217) 300-3906

Selected Articles in Journals

  • N.P. Gabrielson, A.V. Desai, B. Mahadik, M.C. Hofmann, P.J.A. Kenis and B.A. Harley, "Cell-laden hydrogels in integrated microfluidic devices for long-term cell culture and tubulogenesis assays," Small 9(18): 3076-3081 (2013).
  • N.P. Gabrielson, H. Lu, K.H. Kim and J. Cheng, "A cell-penetrating helical polymer for siRNA delivery to mammalian cells," Mol. Ther. 20(8): 1599-1609 (2012).
  • N.P. Gabrielson, H. Lu, L. Yin, D. Li, F. Wang and J. Cheng, "A reactive and bioactive cationic α-helical polypeptide template for non-viral gene delivery," Angew. Chem. 51(5): 1143-1147 (2012).
  • N.P. Gabrielson and J. Cheng, "Multiplexed supramolecular assembly for non-viral gene delivery," Biomaterials 31: 9117-9127 (2010).
  • N.P. Gabrielson and D.W. Pack, "Efficient polyethylenimine-mediated gene delivery proceeds via a caveolar pathway in HeLa cells," J. Controlled Release 136: 54-61 (2009).