Fall 2013

Preparing for Success

Mark B. Templeton

President & CEO, Citrix

Mark B. TempletonMark Templeton leads the Citrix vision for a world where people, IT, and businesses can experience work and life in harmony. He is responsible for the company’s market direction, product strategy, and passion for customer care. In addition, he guides the unique Citrix culture by emphasizing values of respect, integrity, innovation, and fun.

Templeton joined Citrix in 1995 as vice president of marketing, prior to the company’s initial public offering. He was appointed president in 1998 and chief executive officer in 2001. Under his leadership, Citrix has been transformed from a $15 million organization with one product, one customer segment, and one go-to-market path, to a global powerhouse with annual revenues of $2.59 billion in 2012. Today, Citrix solutions and products enable mobile work styles for millions of people every day. Citrix services more than 260,000 organizations with over 10,000 business partners in 100 countries.