2012 Hall of Fame

The Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame recognizes Illinois engineering alumni, and others affiliated with the College, who have significant achievements in leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation of great impact to society. Each year the college will honor these remarkable accomplishments by inducting a class of honorees into the Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame.

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Sohaib  Abbasi

Sohaib Abbasi

  • BS Computer Science, 1978
  • MS Computer Science, 1980

Technology pioneer and business leader; Early employee and innovator at Oracle Corporation; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Informatica Corporation, an enterprise software category leader.

James V. Barnett, II

James V. Barnett, II

BS Ceramic Engineering, 1967

Innovator in the fields of semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and digital watches; pioneered the industry of programmable gate arrays; Co-founder of XILINX, the field programmable gate array creators.

Preston A. Henne

Preston A. Henne

BS Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, 1969

Global leader in new aircraft development programs introducing advanced technology in aerodynamics, acoustics, avionics, and systems.

Charles  H. Henry

Charles H. Henry

PhD Physics, 1965

Inventor of the quantum well laser, who also introduced the Henry linewidth enhancement factor to explain the significant line broadening of semiconductor lasers.

Carl J. Johnson

Carl J. Johnson

PhD Electrical Engineering, 1969

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Chairman, Director and Former CEO of II-VI, Inc.; Innovator in infrared optical materials, and the growth of II-VI compound semiconductor crystals and other optical, laser, and electronic materials.

Steven B. Sample

Steven B. Sample

  • BS Electrical Engineering, 1962
  • MS Electrical Engineering, 1963
  • PhD Electrical Engineering, 1965

Innovative leader in higher education; Model administrator, teacher and researcher; Award-winning scientist and inventor of digital appliance controls used in appliances and microwave ovens worldwide.

Mac Van Valkenburg

Mac Van Valkenburg

  • BS U of Utah
  • MA MIT
  • PhD Stanford
Distinguished engineering educator and author of internationally renowned textbooks. As Engineering Dean, he led the College of Engineering to international eminence during a time of great growth and innovation within the College.
M. T.  Geoffrey Yeh

M. T. Geoffrey Yeh

  • BS Civil Engineering, 1953
  • MA Harvard, 1954
  • PhD St. Johns, 1982

Entrepreneurial leader, global philanthropist; Founder and Retired Chairman of Hsin Chong Construction Group, Ltd