Engineering Visionary Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Engineering Visionary Scholarship Endowment Fund allows us to provide larger scholarships to more undergraduate students. These scholarships go to incoming first-year students and are renewable.

Visit the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Campaign Website for more information

When students are asked why the chose to attend a different school, more than half the students we survey tell us that it is because they were offered an entrance scholarship or a larger entrance scholarship at another school. That’s even when the scholarship is to a less prestigious school.

Undergraduate student scholarships are a top priority for Engineering at Illinois. By supporting the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Endowment Fund, you’re helping us bring the best students to Illinois. Take this example: When offered our largest scholarship, our highest-achieving students accept admittance about 68 percent of the time. When they aren’t, that rate drops to about 15 percent.