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At Illinois, our engineers work at the leading edge of innovation and discovery. We set extraordinary minds free to solve our world's most important challenges. Your support is essential to ensuring that Illinois continues to set a global standard for engineering research and education. Together, we can do the impossible every day.

Investing In the Next Generation of Illinois Engineers

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COZAD New Venture Competition Propels Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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Innovating Freshman Education Energizes Students and Faculty

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Together, we give the brightest minds an opportunity to thrive. The Engineering Visionary Scholarship makes an Illinois education accessible to the most-deserving and highest-achieving students. Now through the end of 2019, The Grainger Foundation will match all donations up to $25 million to Engineering at Illinois' scholarship endowments. With Illinois, amazing young people become incredible engineers.

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Together, we do the impossible every day. We envision a future in which new solutions from our best engineers bring nuclear and cyber security, global access to clean water, cures and treatments for diseases, effective health care, and a sustainable environment. We make this possible by building state-of-the-art learning spaces and labs to cultivate breakthrough research and innovation. Strategic investments in our faculty and facilities allow us to recruit and retain the brightest minds. With Illinois, we are tackling the toughest challenges.

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Together, we aggressively drive the economy. We create opportunities for faculty and students to bring their innovations to market through our Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellows program. The Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship program expands these offerings and integrates them into every student's experience. We are building the Chicago tech pipeline with a new City Scholars internship program. With Illinois, new industries are defined, and new economic powerhouses are built.

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Together, we ensure our engineers are ready for the world. Beginning on day one, every student learns the power of interdisciplinary thinking through programs like the Illinois Engineering First-Year Experience. The Academic Redshirt in Science and Engineering program provides point-of-entry opportunities for top students from educationally underserved backgrounds. We connect faculty and students to the most innovative teaching and learning methods through the Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education. The world is changing, and it is changing fast. With Illinois, the best engineers are ready.

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I'm with Illinois!

"I know for a fact that everything I've done has had its foundation back here at Illinois. So I feel a moral obligation, a personal obligation, a professional obligation to want to go back and appreciate everything I've had a chance to do, and to help do anything I can to make sure that groundwork stays firm for the next generation of engineers that come out of Illinois. I want to give back because I know everything started here."

Lee Archambault
Aerospace Engineering '82 '84

"I came to Illinois because I wanted to attend the best engineering school in the country. My years at Illinois were some of the best years of my life... creating long-lasting memories and friendships all while gaining an amazing education. I highly believe I would not be thriving in my dream job as a Mechanical Engineer at Walt Disney World, if it were not for my education and experiences at Illinois."

Natalie Scott
Mechanical Engineering '13

"I toured the Illinois campus in 2011, the day after the biggest snowstorm that had hit in over 30 years. It didn't deter me from wanting to come here because campus is beautiful and I met so many wonderful people. The evening after my visit, I went back to the hotel and accepted my offer to attend Engineering at Illinois."

Jamie Padilla
Electrical Engineering '16

"The Engineering Visionary Scholarship allowed me to explore opportunities I may not have otherwise had. Because of the financial burden it lifted, I was able to spend more time focusing on things like undergraduate research, studying abroad, and extracurricular activities."

Jamie Kelleher
Materials Science and Engineering '13

"As a first-generation child in the United States and a first-generation college student, I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and make their families proud."

Karolina Urban
Civil Engineering '19

"I want to insure the next generation benefits from a quality education without onerous student loans."

George Muellner
Aerospace Engineering '67

"Receiving a scholarship helped give me the confidence that I am smart enough to attend one of the best engineering universities in the world."

Anthony Lambert
Engineering Undeclared '20

"The Grainger Matching Challenge for Engineering Visionary Scholarship is a terrific incentive to help future and current students who have the financial burden of obtaining a good education. I am very grateful to have obtained a good education when it was much more affordable - this is the time to help others."

Dick Marsho
General Engineering '63, MBA '67

"Paying for college tuition is a daunting task. The generosity of donors is helping me reach my goal of graduating from the University of Illinois."

Ryan Noe
Aerospace Engineering '18

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“When Illinois rises, humanity advances. Join us in building a better world With Illinois.”

Andreas Cangellaris

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Your support ensures that we remain a leader in engineering education, discovery, innovation, and sustained excellence.

Bay Area Alumni Reception
Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
January 9, 2018

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