Faculty Process for Approving Courses for Study Abroad

Students studying abroad are required to obtain course approvals from their departments prior to departure. This is typically done through the Chief Advisors office of the department the student is enrolled in. Students in the College of Engineering may study abroad (or participate in an international activity) from 1-2 weeks to an academic year. Following are general rules/procedures for students looking to obtain course approvals of courses they are taking abroad. Detailed instructions are also provided and given to the students when obtaining these approvals. Students are required to meet with their departments prior to studying abroad.

Previously Approved / Taken Courses

There are a large number of courses (2500+) that have been taken by engineering students who have studied abroad during a summer, semester, or academic year. These courses have been reviewed by faculty and staff in the College of Engineering and approved for usage.

For a listing of previously approved and taken study abroad courses, log in to the My Engineering Portal. This section will provide you information on courses that have been approved for study abroad. Please read directions carefully.

Faculty/advisors will also have an opportunity to make comments or notes on specific courses on this site.

General Rules (in completing the CASF)

  • Individual courses (technical) may be approved by individual faculty within the department however (lineapprovals), the Course Approval Form must also be signed off (bottom of form) by Chief Advisor ofstudents department (or their approved designee). See attached form and link to instructions.
  • Courses being used for gened's must be signed off by department offering course (typically history/soc/econ, etc.) or by IPENG Office
  • Courses taken abroad will be transferred back as credit only. Grades will appear on the host schooltranscripts. Courses being taken for a non-engineering related major/minor must have the grade transferredback. Please note this does NOT apply to Chemical Engineering.
  • Courses taken abroad are considered UIUC credit therefore, if taken for grade, will factor into the studentsGPA.
  • Students may study abroad during their last semester at UIUC.
  • CASF forms submitted by the students will be considered incomplete if each line approval has not beensigned and the bottom of the form has not been signed
  • No signature is required in the line approval for courses that have been previously approved and that fall inthe following guidelines.
    • Courses that have been approved as a UIUC Equivalent Course or a level equivalent only (i.e.ECE 3--),  by the specific department offering the course, i.e., ECE, MechSe, Econ, Math, etc. can be used as that UIUC course by all COE majors.
    • Courses approved as a level equivalent only or for general use by a department not offering the course i.e.; Tech Elective, Engineering Related Minor, Required, etc., may only be used bystudents in the specific department approving it.  All other students must obtain approval fromtheir respective department for that or other usage.
    • General Education or Free Elective courses that have been approved by IPENG, and/or the UIUCdepartment offering the course, may be used by any COE major for the usage indicated.

NOTE:  Students are also provided with detailed instructions that correlate to the faculty/advisor instructions.