Fellowship Project Guidelines


All fellowship projects will be used for future grants, publicity, and corporate relations. The projects are available for future study abroad participants and their parents to review in order to obtain additional information about study abroad experiences.

With this in mind, please be selective about the content. Ask yourself: Would this be something I would want my family to see? Would I want it on the front page of a newspaper? How am I representing University of Illinois? Remember that style, spelling, and grammar are as important as the content. Projects that do not follow the guidelines or have multiple errors will not be accepted and have to be redone. This project is independent of your LAS 292 final project.


Please note your study abroad credit is not finalized by the IPENG office until your fellowship project is submitted. If the project is not submitted by the deadline, a hold will be placed on your student account until it is submitted or repayment of the fellowship award.

Term Abroad Deadline
Academic Year September 15
Spring or Summer September 15
Fall February 15
Winter Break April 1

***Presentation Posters are due to the IPENG office by the 2nd week of each semester***


IPENG assigns the fellowship project that you are to complete.

Presentation Poster

  • Orientation must be Portrait (vertical). The poster board is supplied by the IPENG office (no others accepted).
  • Clearly indicate the Program you participated in
  • Include quality photos accompanied by typed captions in full sentences.
  • Pictures must be high quality and program-related, should include housing accommodations & classrooms/labs.
  • Colorful and decorative, but also very professional-looking
  • Please be sure to write your name, program/location, and term abroad on the back of your poster and submit to 210 Engineering Hall.

Facebook Posts

  • Created in PowerPoint
  • Contains a photo/video of you “in action”, not just landmarks or scenery
  • A brief caption, not to exceed two sentences
  • At least 3 posts throughout your time abroad
  • Personal Profile

    Download personal profile template

    • Your Name, Host University/Location, Major, Minors, Study Abroad Fellowships/Scholarships Received
    • Two photos of you in action
    • Answer one of the following questions in:
      • Why did I want to study abroad?
      • What has this experience caused me to examine in my life, my community, my country?
      • What did I learn about others, myself, the world?
      • What surprised me the most about my experience abroad?
      • How has this experience changed/benefitted me?
    • Write a quote about your experience

    PowerPoint Photo Album

    • Created in PowerPoint
    • First page needs to include:  Your name, program name/location, and term abroad
    • Not to exceed more than 10 slides.
    • Each good quality picture must be accompanied by a brief caption
    • Along with extended travel, be sure to include program-related pictures that feature the host university, classrooms/labs, living quarters, host family (if applicable), field experience, program excursions


    • "Montage" or "Go-Pro" style video 2-4 minutes in length
    • Videos must be recorded in horizontal orientation
    • Video must include clips where you or other students are present
    • Along with extended travel, be sure to include program-related features such as the host university, classrooms/labs, living quarters, host family (if applicable), field experience, program excursions

    Submission of FB Posts, Photo Album, Profile, and Video

    • File needs to be saved as “TERM_COUNTRY_NETID”.  Example:  “SP18 Spain kbone”.  FB Posts, since you have multiple submissions, just add a 1, 2, 3 at the end of your net id.  Example “SP18 Spain kbone1”
    • Email your project as an attachment to:  Fellows.mxvvc6cg0rp0bd27@u.box.com.  Please note, only the attachment is uploaded, no additional text in the email can be viewed.