IPENG Travel Fellowship

An alumnus of the College of Engineering, Armin Elmendorf, established a fund to encourage engineering students to seek an understanding of the responsibilities of world citizenship. The original funds were used to make one award each year to a student studying a multinational technical problem and to also involve some interaction with world organizations – most notably the United Nations.

Today, International Engineering Fellowships are awarded to qualified engineering students involved in a College of Engineering approved work experience or an academic/study experience abroad. The award helps students with travel costs - more specifically airfare.

Allocated amounts to be determined based on available funds. Help with roundtrip airfare for academic study and some work abroad programs (as per fellowship guidelines)... All others, subject to review!


All undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering who are participating in an IPENG, engineering department approved, or IAGE (Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange Office) sponsored program, who meet the requirements listed below, are eligible to apply for the fellowship including:

  • Chemical Engineering (LAS)
  • Agricultural Engineering (ACES)
  • Students participating in 5-year combined engineering program. Please note: Student must be enrolled in engineering at time of study abroad.

Does not include the following departments:

  • Graduate Students
  • Physics (LAS)
  • Math/CS (LAS)
  • Bioengineering (LAS)

1. Independent Work must be engineering-related and a minimum of 4 weeks. In addition to other fellowship requirements, students must provide verification from the company in which they will be working before final approval will be given.

2. Independent Study Programs must be credit-bearing and a minimum of 4 weeks. In addition to other fellowship requirements, students must provide a copy of their acceptance letter to the program or host school. These students must register at UIUC during their term abroad and pay range IV tuition, unless approved otherwise. Credits processed as transfer credit.

3. Other programs not covered above are subject to IPENG approval.

4. Programs that are taught in the student's native (1st) language or at the student's home country are not eligible. (This does not refer to study abroad programs taught in English.)

All students:

  • NO Late Applications Accepted! No excuses! Applications must have required supporting documentation (see application for info.)
  • Must be returning to campus for a semester, and/or must fulfill a graduation requirement (SS/Hum/W/NW, etc.) while abroad.
  • Student studying abroad during the semester/ay must return to campus with credit. Students withdrawing from their program or receiving no credit will be responsible for paying back their fellowship.
  • Must have final confirmed flight information in to the IPENG office at least 2 weeks prior to departure date on itinerary.
  • Must have the mandatory study abroad International Insurance.
  • Understand that no fellowship will be given for repeat programs.
  • Understand that no fellowship will be awarded after completion of a program.
  • Must adhere/agree to fellowship requirements upon acceptance.

Please note: IPENG reserves the right to alter guidelines based on availability of funds. Amount of fellowship varies by program type. See IPENG office.

Fellowship awards are processed through the campus financial aid system (DAWS) during semester of study abroad program.

How to Apply

  • All Study Abroad/Group/Independent Study/Work/Other Programs: Application required. See criteria above.
  • Application: Applications are to be submitted through the my.engr.illinois.edu portal. Click the following link to apply: Travel Fellowship Application. Log in is required. All supporting documents must be uploaded to the application. No hard copies will be accepted.
  • NO late or incomplete applications will be considered! Application deadline - FIRM!

Application Dates

Term Abroad App Period
Summer/FA/AY Opens: February 15
Closes: April 15
Winter Break/Spring Opens: September 15
Closes: November 1
Spring Break Opens: January 7
Closes: February 1

NOTE: Fellowship is for airfare only! Does not cover trains or automobiles used to get to final destination!

Students must complete the following requirements in receiving the International Engineering Fellowship

Before You Go

  • Attend all meeting and LAS 291 as required of program and complete all the required documentation as outlined in fellowship criteria.
  • Enroll in appropriate 299 study abroad course.

During Your Stay

  1. Maintain full time study
  2. Must bring back equivalent full-time credit hours
  3. Must pass courses

Upon Your Return

  1. Complete Program Evaluation
  2. Donate 4 hours to recruitment activity for IPENG during the semester(s) following your return from abroad.
  3. Attend Returnee Workshop
  4. Complete one of the following (please see guidelines):
    1. Presentation Poster
    2. Facebook Posts
    3. Personal Profile
    4. PowerPoint Photo Album
    5. Video

The deadline for fellowship project submission is below. If project is not submitted by the deadline, a hold will be placed on your student account. Projects, with the exception of the photo album or presentation poster, must be submitted electronically to ipeng@illinois.edu.

Term Abroad Project Deadline

(Dates falling on Saturday or Sunday are due in IPENG Office the following Monday)

Spring/Academic Year/Summer - September 15; Posters due by 2nd week of semester Fall/Winter Break - February 15 Spring Break - April 1

Project must be turned in before the credit from your study abroad program can be evaluated.

Fellowship Requirements Not Fulfilled

1. May have penalties incurred against allotted fellowship amount i.e., not turning in items by posted due dates or attending required meetings;

2. Will be required to pay back fellowship if withdraw from program, obtain no credit equivalent to full-time, or just do not show up for classes (to be reviewed);

3. Understand that projects not completed by first deadline will result in a hold being placed on student account/registration; and

4. Understand Projects not completed by end of semester will result in the award being canceled and student account charged for amount of fellowship.