Paying for Study Abroad

This information is for Illinois student particating in programs sponsored by the International Programs in Engineering Office in the College of Engineering. Please familiarize yourself with the policies outlines below.

Billable Costs

Your costs fall into two categories: those billed by the University of Illinois to your Student Account through UI-Integrate ("billable costs") and those paid by you directly at the point of purchase ("non-billable costs").

Billable costs include the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) Program and Processing Fees, University of Illinois Tuition and applicable Fees, the International Insurance and the SIAA administrative fee.

IPENG Program Fee

The IPENG Program Fee will appear on your study abroad budget, Program Fee Contract, and your Illinois Student Account on UI-Integrate as two separate items: College Administration and Program Fees for the Study Abroad Budget and Program Fee Contract and as Engr Study Abroad under your Illinois Student Account on UI-Integrate.

The overall IPENG Program Fee will vary according to your study abroad program. The list below shows the charges that could be included in this fee. For program-specific details, please refer to your student abroad budget and Confirmation of Participation.

College Administration and Program Related Fees:

  • College Administration Fee* (always included)
  • Program-specific Participation Fees

Miscellaneous Fees/IPENG Program Fees:

  • International Insurance Health Insurance
  • Housing (sometimes included OR may be billed to you directly by your accommodation, program provider, or host university)
  • Meals (sometimes included OR may be billed to you directly by your accommodation, program provider, or paid at point of purchase)
  • On-site Orientation, Excursions, and Activities (sometimes included OR may be billed directly to you by your program provider or host university)

Fees that are NOT included in the IPENG Program Fee are considered "non-billable" costs and will be addressed in the next section.

*What is the College Administrative Fee?

This fee covers the costs of study abroad advising, processing of applications (both here and at host institution), and holds spot in program.

Minimum IPENG Administrative Fees (subject to change):

  • $350 per semester
  • $600 per academic year
  • $225 per summer

Program Related Fees:

This fee covers costs at host institution (unless stated otherwise on contract), pre-departure guidance, orientation and workshops, program and advising materials, continued support while students are abroad, 24-hour emergency access to the Advisor-on-Duty, returnee programming, and study abroad academic credit and grade articulation processing.

University of Illinois Tuition and Fees

As a student participating in an academic experience for which you will earn Illinois credit, you will be registered as an Illinois student for your term abroad and will pay Illinois Range IV tuition. In addition to earning Illinois credit, remaining registered with and paying tuition at the University of Illinois will entitle you to obtain:

  • Pre-approval on course equivalencies;
  • Academic advising while abroad;
  • Support while you are abroad, including emergency response before and during your study abroad program, and other risk management support;
  • Access to Illinois e-mail and other CITES accounts;
  • A time ticket for advance registration;
  • Access to University Library services;
  • Access to Student Financial Aid and Illinois-administered scholarships (provided you apply by scholarship deadlines);
  • Support from the Dean of Students and Student Affairs units, such as the Office of Women's Programs, the Office of Minority Student Affairs, and the Office of LGBT Concerns.

The amount (or "range") of tuition and fees you pay to Illinois will depend on:

  1. The type of study abroad program you are participating in (e.g. faculty-led or non-faculty-led);
  2. The term of your study abroad program;
  3. Your Illinois academic college and curriculum; and,
  4. The year you entered Illinois.

To determine the tuition and fees range that you will pay, please identify your type of study abroad program from the list below:

  • Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, or Calendar Year Study Abroad: In most cases, you will pay Range IV Tuition and Fees.
  • Summer Study Abroad: If you are participating in a summer study abroad program, you will pay Range IV Tuition and Fees.

As a point of reference, please note that when you are on campus and enrolled in 12 credit hours or more, you pay Range I Tuition and Fees. For a breakdown of credit hours and Tuition Ranges, visit the registrar's website. Also note the Cost Comparisons.

To determine the exact amount of tuition and fees that you will pay based on your Academic College, Curriculum, and Year of Entry:

  • Go to the registrar's website;
  • Under "Tuition" for Undergraduate or Graduate & Professional Students, click on the category that applies to you;
  • Click on the term that applies to you;
  • Scroll down and look for the year you entered Illinois (NOTE: ACES majors, please make sure that the amount for the year you entered Illinois corresponds to your major).

Tuition rates for the fall and spring semester in an academic year are the same; these rates are usually updated during the summer. Tuition rates for the summer term are typically published in late spring.

In addition to University of Illinois Tuition, you will be assessed Campus Fees based on your Tuition Range. To determine the Campus Fees that you will pay, please look here for undergraduate students and here for graduate and professional students. Typically, study abroad students will pay the General Fee, AFMFA Fee, Library Fee, and Illinois Student Health Insurance Fee (unless you have exempted out of it).

Non-Billable Costs

Non-billable costs are charges not billed through the University of Illinois. In other words, you will need to make payment for that cost directly to the entity that billed you. These cost items could include some of the following:

  • Costs billed directly to you by your program provider or host university (e.g., host university or provider instruction and fees)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Books and supplies
  • Round-trip flight
  • Local transportation
  • Passport, visa application, and supporting documents, e.g., photos
  • Immunizations
  • Additional personal expenses

Please note that you may need to pay for many of these charges in advance, while others may be due upon arrival. In many of these instances, the due date for payment falls before financial aid and scholarships are dispersed. In other words, if you are relying on financial aid or scholarships to pay for these items, you will need to use other sources of funds before your financial aid and/or scholarships is/are credited to your Illinois Student Account.


If you have questions after reading this section and reviewing your study abroad program budget, please contact the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) Office by calling (217) 244-0054 or sending an e-mail to

Advance Payment

If the International Programs in Engineering Office accepts you to the study abroad program you applied for, upon “commitment” the IPENG Office will bill your Illinois Student Account the non-refundable college administration fee – amount indicated above – to hold your place in the program.

This fee is NOT refundable should you decide to withdraw from the study abroad program.

If your host university or program provider does not ultimately accept your application, the IPENG Office will refund this Advance Payment.

Generally, if you are studying abroad during summer, fall, or academic year, the Advance Payment will generally appear on your March E-Bill. If you are studying abroad during winter break or spring semester, this fee will appear on your October E-Bill. Please be advised that the Advance Payment will be due before your study abroad financial aid and/or scholarships is/are dispersed.

IPENG Program Fee and Illinois Tuition and Fees

These fees are billed to your Illinois student account around the same time that the term begins at the University of Illinois. The general time frame for billing is:

  • Winter Break charges should appear on your January E-Bill
  • Spring semester charges should appear on your January E-Bill
  • Summer faculty-led program charges should appear on your May E-Bill
  • Fall semester charges should appear on your September E-bill
  • Academic year charges should appear two times - the first in August and the second in January. You will generally see these charges on your September and February E-Bills.


At the beginning of each month, University of Illinois students receive email notifications in their official University email accounts stating that their E-Bills are available online. When you study abroad, you will continue to receive E-Bills from Illinois. Payment procedures for study abroad charges on your Illinois Student Account are the same as when you study on campus.

Accessing your E-Bill

To access your E-Bill:

  • Log into UI-Integrate Self-Service;
  • Click on "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (URBANA)";
  • Log on using your Enterprise ID and Password;
  • Click on "Account Billing Information";
  • Click on "Student Account" (this will open a new window);

Authorizing Others to View your E-Bill and Make Payments

In addition to receiving notification in your university email account regarding your most current E-Bill, you may designate up to two additional addresses to receive the E-Bill notification. This is useful as it will allow your parent/guardian or other individual to receive E-Bill notifications and to make payments on your behalf.

To authorize others to view and pay your E-Bill, follow all the steps listed in the previous section until "Student Account". Once on the Student Account page, click on "Authorize Payers" and follow the instructions on the screen.

The Authorized Payer page will ask you to set up a login name and password for your designated payer. The system will automatically send an email to the new Authorized Individual with the login name you created for them and an Authorized Individual link. You are responsible for providing the new password to your Authorized Individual.

After someone has been set up as an Authorized Individual, the Authorized Individual may log in to the UI-Pay Authorized Individual website by going to /

Authorized individuals will be able to:

  • View, download, and print your current and past billing statements;
  • Pay your account online; and
  • View online payment history.

Because of FERPA regulations, University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) and the IPENG Office cannot release any information concerning your account to anyone other than you without your permission. If another individual is responsible for paying your Student Account, PLEASE AUTHORIZE THE PAYING PARTY TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT.

On your MyStudyAbroad account, which you access through, you will find the online questionnaire called Release Account Information. Please use this form to designate the individual(s) who will be in charge of your financial matters while you are abroad. The Study Abroad Office will only be able to discuss your bill with the person(s) you designate on the form. Note that this authorization pertains to questions related to your Illinois Student Account only. It does NOT permit the Study Abroad Office to discuss other matters, such as academics or travel itinerary.

Please make sure that you also complete the Authorized Payer page on your Student Account page on UI-Integrate.

Paying Your E-Bill

University payment policies, due dates, and instructions for paying your E-Bill can be found at This website includes information about the University's Payment Plan.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to give someone the authority to sign your name on your behalf. We recommend that you designate a Power of Attorney before you go abroad in the event that you are unable to be present to sign a document on your own. This can be necessary in cases of signing financial documents, such as financial aid, signing a housing lease.

To obtain a free Power-of-Attorney, you could visit Student Legal Services (SLS), 324 Illini Union. Information is also available at NOTE that in order to access this service, you must have paid the SORF Fee and not claimed the SORF Fee refund for the semester prior to your departure. SLS is only available during the regular academic semesters. In other words, all consultations must be done before the end of each semester in December (fall semester) and May (spring semester).

Paying for Non-Billable Costs

Non-billable costs can be charged by US-based organizations and businesses or by foreign entities.

If the charge comes from a US-based company, you can make payment as you would for other US-based companies. For instance, if you are participating on an SFS or CET program and need to pay your program's instructional and accommodation fees, you could pay SFS or CET using a credit card or by writing a personal check in US funds to the SFS or CET.

If the charges come from an international partner or company, you should follow the instructions given to you. In most cases, you should be able to pay by one of the following methods:

  • Using a regular credit card (this is typically the most convenient way, with the least amount of transaction fees, and you are able to track the transaction);
  • Arranging for an international wire transfer of funds (this is the easiest method to track the transaction and is usually secure, but can be expensive relative to the amount being wired); or
  • Obtaining a banker's draft, international money order, or cashier's order in your host country's currency (you will pay a fee for purchasing the draft/money order, and will need to mail the draft/money order overseas after purchasing it, but you will be able to track the transaction once the money order/draft is deposited).

Since payment methods can vary according to program, please consult your study abroad adviser if you are unclear about the appropriate payment method.


If you have further questions, please contact the IPENG Office by calling (217) 244-0054, sending an e-mail to, or visiting the International Programs in Engineering Office, 210 Engineering Hall, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.

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