Scholarship Advice

Students interested in IPENG study abroad specific scholarships (link to scholarship descriptions) including the travel fellowship; the Miller and Miller Scholarship; and the Wert Scholarship, please note:

The Travel Fellowship Applications are only open at specific times. You must complete your application on - line during the open period. Read directions carefully! Only complete applications will be accepted.
William R. Miller and Martha L. Behr-Miller Open to MechSe Students Only. No application required. Students will be notified if meet the minimum criteria.
Wert Scholarship South American programs as designated by IPENG office annually. No application required. Students meeting the designated program will receive the scholarship.

Students applying to I4I, Gilman or other non-engineering specific scholarship...

Getting Started

Be sure to read information on each scholarship to know if you are eligible.

Start Early. Application deadlines can be one year or more prior to studying abroad. You don't need to have applied for a program, but you do need to know where you plan to go.

If, after reading all requirements and application forms, you still have questions, contact (a) the Unit/Department/College sponsoring the UIUC scholarships, or (b) the Office of Scholarship for International Study for nationally competitive awards.

The Essays

Make sure your essays clearly and in some detail answer each of the questions presented. When you are finished writing, go back, read each questions, and see if your essay provides an ample response.

Create an interesting application. Decision-makers may be reading 100 applications. How can yours stand out?

How are you different from other 3.5 GPA majors?

Construct essays like personal statements. Share all of your great experiences!

Demonstrate maturity and the ability to be adaptable and flexible.

Often, it is helpful to state specifically how study abroad fits with your career goals.

If a scholarship is not need-based, placing financial need statements in your application does little to help you.

Final Steps

1. Ask a roommate or peer to read over the instructions and your response.

2. Take your draft to the Writer's Workshop

3. Submit essays for nationally competitive scholarships long before the deadline to the Offic e of Scholarships for International Study for feedback.

4. Submit your completed applications before the deadline or risk disqualification.