Eng 191- International Dimensions of Engineering

Will your future include international travel or professional assignments in... Europe; South America; Asia; Africa; Australia? This one semester hour course could change your undergraduate experience and professional future.

This course will provide students an opportunity to work on a “real-life” global project. Working as a team, students will look to develop specific outcomes for a project including obtaining an understanding of what “global” engineering really means. Students will gain an understanding of why topics like economics, politics, cultural values, and language play an integral part in doing engineering globally. Students will also have the option of participating in a 10-14 day trip (over winter break) to the location of the project to work hands on and gain a deeper understanding of the project and how everything ties together.

This course is offered during the fall semester only and provides engineering students insight on how engineering students may build into their undergraduate programs course work and experiences that will help prepare them for other overseas involvement.

Credit: 1 Hr. Lib. Ed with an additional 1 hr if participating in trip.

Engineering students may use this course as an "other social science or humanities" (liberal ed) elective, as a free elective and/or in the International Minor in Engineering if enrolled.