How to Apply

Once you have chosen a study abroad program, you are now ready to begin the online application process.

Much of your application can be completed online (essays, recommendation letters, contact information, etc.). Other parts of your application will need to be submitted directly to the sponsoring office (i.e. IPENG, SAO, ACES, BUS)

There are three types of documents that you will deal with during the application process:

  1. Material submissions, such as an official transcript, which you submit directly to the office that sponsors your specific program. You can bring these in person to the office or send it via mail. Many submissions can also be scanned and emailed.
  2. Signature documents, such as the release of information form that you read and "sign" online.
  3. Questionnaires, such as the personal essay, that you complete and submit online. Please note that Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) program requires a separate application, in addition to the one required by the IPENG Office. Supporting documents for these separate applications will need to be submitted directly to the IPENG Office.

Steps to Apply

  1. Go to the study abroad website
  2. Roll your mouse over "Programs" on the navigation bar at the top of the page
  3. Choose “Program Search” from the drop down menu
  4. Program search can be by location, sponsor, term, etc. Engineering programs are listed under ENG sponsor.
  5. Program list will appear. Click on program of interest to see the brochure
  6. If program is of interest and you want to apply, click "Create App" (see note below)
  7. Log in with your netid and Active Directory Password
  8. This will generate an application for you. You will be prompted for further steps.
  9. Note: Once you click "create app", you will be given a pop-up message informing you that your student account will be charged an application fee. Click “OK” to continue your application. This fee will appear in your student account within one week of creating your application!