1. Prior to graduation you must complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of coursework that focuses on your chosen country or region of study. The courses may relate to the culture, history, geography, economics, politics, sociology or a language or literature of the region. Your selections are subject to the following rules:
    1. At least 9 semester hours must be in courses other than language and must include one 300 or 400 level course.
    2. One course must be from the political science/economics discipline.
    3. You must spend at least 5 weeks in residence for work or study in your chosen country or region.  Programs offered through the campus study abroad system meeting the length requirement are pre-approved for residency.  All other programs/destinations MUST be pre-approved.
  2. If you don't already know the language of your chosen region, you must learn it.  This can be at the beginning level, or you can build on previous knowledge.  Summer intensive language programs are available for several languages.  Credit transferred in or AP language credit listed on the transcript may be used for the IM.
  3. You must meet all of the normal degree requirements for your curriculum, as outlined in the Courses of Study catalog.
  4. Students from a specific region are not eligible to enroll in a minor in that region. For example, international students from China may NOT enroll in the International Minor in Chinese Studies.