Have Questions About Your Son/Daughter Studying Abroad?

We realize parents have a lot of questions about their students studying abroad. To help dispel some of those concerns, the campus has put detailed information together to let you know what information has been provided to the student studying abroad. While International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) sponsored programs are separate from Study Abroad Office (campus-wide) sponsored programs, information provided to students is standard information required to be given to all students studying abroad.

You can read about information IPENG provides to the study abroad students by going to the Pre-departure handbook. You will also find specific country information provided to the students in the Guidebooks.

Please contact the IPENG office should you have an emergency or any other concerns. Please note that we are very limited in the information we can provide due to the FERPA laws (link to FERPA); We must have approval from your son/daughter to speak with you. Students are asked to provide release of information to parents/guardians for accounting purposes but typically do not provide release of other information.