Study Abroad Credit Processing

Study abroad credit processing takes time! Your study abroad credit can take 4-8 weeks to work through the entire process once we receive your official transcript—assuming that there are no delays due to courses not being approved or fellowship projects not being completed.

Below, we’ll take you thru the process:

  • Before leaving your study abroad program, please make sure to request that your foreign transcript be sent directly to the IPENG office (if you went on an IPENG program) or the campus Study Abroad Office (if you went on an SAO program). You should also verify that you have done everything you need to do for the foreign institution (paid all outstanding balances, signed any transcript release forms, etc) in order for the foreign institution to release your transcript.
  • We must receive an original transcript—we cannot accept an electronic transcript—we cannot accept a transcript that has been sent directly to the student unless it is brought into the IPENG office in the sealed envelope it was mailed in.
  • Once the IPENG office receives the official transcript, we are going to check the following:
    • Did you receive a travel fellowship? If so, you must complete your fellowship project before we can process your study abroad credit.
    • Are all of your courses approved? If there are any courses on your foreign transcript that have not been approved, you will have to get those courses approved before we can proceed with processing your study abroad credit. If you participated in a research program, you will have to take the research materials to the Chief Advisor of your department for review and approval.
    • All of the courses on your foreign transcript must be processed. So, even if you don’t need the credit from a course taken abroad, you still have to have approval for the course. We cannot pick and choose which courses to process. If it’s on your foreign transcript, it has to be approved and processed.

  • After you have turned in your completed fellowship project (if applicable) and we have confirmed that all of your courses have been approved, your study abroad credit will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for posting to your record. The IPENG office has no control over the time it takes for the Registrar’s Office to post study abroad credit to your record. You will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office when your credit has been posted, and you will see in your record that your courses now show up as ENG388. Study abroad courses will always show up as ENG388 even if you had the course approved as the equivalent of a specific UIUC course.
  • Please note: we do not receive an email from the Registrar’s Office when your credit has been posted. We monitor the status of study abroad credit on a regular basis, but it is highly likely that you will know that your credit has been posted before the IPENG office knows.

  • Your credit being posted to your record is not the final step in the process, so please don’t panic if the correct usage for all of your study abroad courses doesn’t appear accurately as soon as your credit has been posted. The final step in the process is for your study abroad credit to go to the Records Officer in 206 Engineering Hall who will go into your record and apply the proper usage and course equivalencies to all of your courses.

Remember, as a College of Engineering student, you took all of your courses for CR/NC only. The only exception to this rule is if you took a course for a major or minor outside the College of Engineering-then you can receive a grade for the course. You have to be enrolled in the major or minor at the time your study abroad credit is processed in order to receive a grade on your UIUC transcript.

Finally, you will receive a letter or percentage grade on your foreign transcript for every course. Keep this in mind if you are planning to apply to graduate school as the graduate school may require a copy of the foreign transcript as part of your application.