Preparing to Go

Preparing to Study Abroad

Have you submitted your study abroad application but aren’t sure what your next steps should be? The following information will help you prepare for your upcoming trip.


Attend all required orientations and meetings for your specific study abroad program. These meetings will allow you to prepare for you trip and meet fellow participants.

Pre-Departure Handbook

The pre-departure handbook contains vital information for students preparing to study abroad. A copy of the handbook will be provided to each study abroad participant at orientation and is also available in its complete form here.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Review important policies regarding your study abroad application. Remember to continually monitor your application on the study abroad website for status changes.


Read through your country-specific guidebook (for those participating in IPENG programs) to gain a better understanding of what to expect when you go.

Course Approval Process

Research available courses at your host institution, check what courses have already been approved and prepare materials to get new courses reviewed.

Credit-Grade Conversion Chart

Find out how your study abroad credits and grades will transfer to UIUC.


Familiarize yourself with the study abroad registration process to ensure your foreign credit is transferred back to UIUC correctly.

Travel Resources

Need to find a hostel for your side trip to Dublin? Wondering about dinning etiquette in Japan? Looking to sublet your apartment for the semester you’ll be abroad? Questions about renewing your passport? Find the answers to all these questions and more with the help of some useful links!