Course Approval Process While Abroad

Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as course availability, registration restrictions or other factors, students studying abroad may need/want to enroll in courses not approved prior to departing the UIUC campus.  In order to expedite the credit transfer process, IPENG accepts course approvals via email while the student is abroad**. In order to obtain approval while abroad please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete your Course Registration Verification Form and submit it to IPENG via email or fax.
  2. Determine which courses have been pre-approved and which have not. IPENG can help with this step by cross-referencing with your Course Approval Summary Form submitted prior to leaving.
  3. Based on the desired usage of each course, identify the correct person/office to send your inquiry to:

  4. Send an email to the appropriate party requesting review and approval of your course(s). Be sure to include the following in your email:
    • Your name, major and host institution
    • The desired usage of each course you wish to be reviewed (ie PHYS 214 equivalency or Non-Western GenEd credit)
    • Course description/syllabus in English- attached or linked
    • cc:
  5. Forward all approval emails to
  6. **Please note: Not all departments/advisors will review courses over email. Be prepared to bring back all relevant course materials to campus with you. This includes but is not limited to: course description/syllabus, reports, assignments, papers and exams. All research projects will be approved upon return to campus.