Health, Medical Emergency, and Repatriation Insurance for Study Abroad Students

For the safety of its students, the University of Illinois requires that all students participating in programs abroad have international study abroad insurance coverage. Since most U.S. health insurance carriers do not adequately cover the range of issues facing students who are abroad, the University of Illinois has selected an international health insurance provider and negotiated rates for all its study abroad students.

As a study abroad program participant, you will be enrolled in International Insurance automatically, and the insurance premium will be billed to your student account. For more information, such as the explanation of benefits and insurance claim forms, please visit

International Insurance and Safety Fee based on length of program/trip:

1 - 16 days $75
17 - 45 days $90
46 - 75 days $140
76 - 195 days $200
196 - 315 days $365
316 - 365 days $420