Marketing & Communications

Marketing Framework

We focus on three areas that are crucial to Engineering at Illinois' success: advancement and corporate relations; student recruitment; and efforts that enhance our reputation among our peers and the broader community. Our work is only possible through deep, constant collaboration with peers from the College's units, IT and web staff, advancement staff, recruitment committees, and the corporate relations team, as well as colleagues across campus. Any goal or effort requires—and consistently receives—their time, talents, and insights.

Our Goals

Advancement and Corporate Relations

  • Increase the size of gifts given, the number of donors, and the number of prospects for major and leadership gifts.
  • Meet fundraising targets laid out in the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative and in the prospective 2017 campus campaign.
  • Increase alumni affinity for Engineering at Illinois, so that they become donors or give more to Engineering at Illinois.
  • Provide alumni with the information and encouragement to share our story and excitement.
  • Increase current students' affinity for Engineering at Illinois, so that they grow into donors.


  • Continue to grow the number of applications for undergraduate admission to the College.
  • Increase the yield in target areas, including underrepresented students, in-state students, and low-enrollement departments.
  • Drive applications for and enrollments in the College's online and professional degree programs.


  • Build and reinforce a reputation that ensures:
    • Our undergraduates go on to the best jobs and the best graduate schools.
    • Our graduate students go on to the best industry jobs and faculty positions.
    • Our faculty secure the best research, funding, and entrepreneurial opportunities
    • Our College's and departments' high rankings in U.S. News & World Report and other sources
    • Our College's significance and economic impact is well understood and well supported at the local, state, and national level.
  • Establish the Innovation, Learning, and Engineering Entrepreneurship program as a leader in fundamentally redefining the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in students' and faculty members' careers.
  • Establish the College of Medicine and the College of Engineering's bioengineering efforts as a leader at the intersection of engineering and medicine.