Marketing & Communications

Our Commitment

Our students, faculty, and alumni do the impossible every day; it's our job to prove that claim and show how the College keeps that promise.

We create print, digital, and social strategies and products that explain:

  • Our reputation as one of the world's very best engineering programs—preparing highly respected students, performing world-changing research, and leading educational innovation.
  • Our goals for the future of the College and the well-being of the world.
  • The impact of our faculty, students, and alumni.
  • The integral role that donor support plays in our future impact.

On every project, we strive to:

  • Define clear, high-impact messaging that faculty, students, staff, and alumni can use when discussing Engineering at Illinois.
  • Tell compelling stories that directly and powerfully explain why we're exceptional and how we go about changing the world.
  • Foster opportunities for individual departments and units to enhance their work, embrace Collegewide goals, and meet their unique priorities.
  • Promote the stories and work of students, faculty, and alumni who are traditionally underrepresented in engineering.
  • Continually assess and improve our performance.