Marketing & Communications

Creative Strategy

The creative strategy (or creative brief) helps define the goals of a communications project and should be developed at the start of any new project. It's an extremely helpful resource for the College communication team, an outside vendor, and/or your project team to refer to throughout the development and evaluation of the design process.

  • What? What is the goal of the project? Describe the background, challenges, calls to action, and desired outcomes.
  • Who? Who is the target audience for this project? Is it an internal audience (students, faculty, staff, other departments or units, etc.)? Is it an external audience (prospective students, development partners, general public, media, etc.)?
  • How? How does this project fit in with the goals of your department/center/unit, and with those of the College? Does it reflect the theme of "doing the impossible", promote academic excellence, recruit prospective students, promote faculty success, foster corporate/industry partnerships, engage with alumni, etc.?
  • Why? Why should the audience care? What is the single most compelling idea that will motivate the audience to take action?
  • How will you measure success?

Download Creative Brief Template [.docx]