Marketing & Communications

Our Environment

We work closely with marketing and communications staff members embedded within the College’s individual units and the College’s web development team on a daily basis. Decision-making and authority lie within the units. But shared strategy and messaging are crucial to our success, and units are consistently receptive to shared efforts. These efforts focus on creating increased consistency of visual identity, message, and quality of work across College units.

We provide shared strategy and messaging:

  • Creative Insights Panel to encourage candid feedback from colleagues on projects.
  • Monthly Engineering Communicators meetings for information sharing among units and updates on College wide initiatives.
  • Centralized advancement materials and resources for major initiatives, such as the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative.
  • Centralized presentation resources and slide decks, continually updated.
  • Media relations and crisis communications.
  • Content for sharing via social media.

We also provide financial and planning support for units, encouraging them to:

  • Validate their work through analytics.
  • Refresh outdated designs using vendors and more closely align with the College and University’s visual identity.
  • Experiment with projects that would not be affordable otherwise.