Marketing & Communications

Positioning Statement

Engineering at Illinois’ students, alumni, and faculty solve the world’s greatest challenges. We look toward the future and find ways to make it a reality. Designing electronic tattoos to treat seizures. Leading Google’s security team in the fight against online attacks. Converting algae to biofuel. Exploring fusion energy.

We do the impossible every day.

As one of the world’s Top 5 engineering programs, our approachable and collaborative students and faculty set the standard for excellence. We drive the economy, reimagine engineering education, and bring revolutionary ideas to the world.

How we think about positioning and brand:

Engineering at Illinois' positioning statement reflects our strengths and distinguishing characteristics as a College—our focus on solutions with real societal impact, our standing as one of the world's best engineering programs, and our open, collegial approach to problem solving. Think of it as a framework for individual, more targeted messages. It's a touchstone for finding the right story and telling it in a way that sets us apart.

When we talk of "doing the impossible every day," we are doing it in the context of the University's approachable, collaborative, practical, and high-impact brand. And we take great care to ensure that our marketing and message reinforces the idea that Illinois is the preeminent public research university with a land-grant mission and global impact.

"We do the impossible every day" isn't a tagline or boilerplate to include in every marketing vehicle. It's the high-level narrative claim about who we are and how we're different from our peers. It's a story to be told and a promise to be kept.