Course Demos

Tour the online learning experience.

The following video lecture samples will allow you to preview the format of courses offered through the Engineering Online program. Most courses are delivered as streaming video with synchronized slides.

System Requirements

Since you will be conducting your coursework online, including watching lectures and submitting assignments, we recommend that you have a good quality computer and a reliable Internet connection. A fast, reliable Internet connection makes it easier to participate in the class. Taking classes with connections under 128Kbps is possible, but we recommend a broadband connection.

Minimum Technology Requirements:

  • Internet connection (broadband is highly recommended)
  • “Fast” computer (any PC or Mac 4 years old or newer), speakers, sound card
  • Windows OS, Mac, or Linux systems are options when taking our courses.
  • Web browser (IE6+, Firefox, Google Chrome)
  • News reader (such as Outlook Express)
  • Lecture Media is distributed as Flash video and MP3 files. A Flash player is required to view lecture content. See the online course demo page for more details. Occasionally we will stream live content via Real or Windows media player.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Scanner