Lectures in Computer Science

The following lecture examples will give you a chance to see the format of the Civil and Environmental Engineering courses offered by the University of Illinois Engineering Online program. These courses contain streaming video lectures with synchronized slides.

The course demos use Windows Media Technology and must be viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or later along with Windows Media Player using a Windows operating system on your computer.

CS 463: Computer Security II

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  • Course Description: Program security, trusted base, privacy, anonymity, non-interference, information flow, confinement, advanced auditing, forensics, intrusion detection, key management and distribution, policy composition and analysis, formal approaches to specification and verification of secure systems and protocols, and topics in applied cryptography. Same as ECE 424. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours.
  • Prerequisites: CS 461 (Recommended: CS 475)

CS 512: Advanced Data Mining

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  • Instructor: Jiawei Han
  • Course Description: An advanced course on principles and algorithms of data mining. Data cleaning and integration; descriptive and predictive mining; mining frequent, sequential, and structured patterns; clustering, outlier analysis and fraud detection; stream data, web, text, and biomedical data mining; security and privacy in data mining; research frontiers.
  • Prerequisites: CS 412

CS 543: Computer Vision

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  • Instructor: Svetlana Lazebnik
  • Course Description: This course examines information processing approaches to computer vision, algorithms, and architectures for artificial intelligence and robotics systems capable of vision. Three-dimensional properties of a scene from its images, such as distance, orientation, motion, size and shape, acquisition, and representation of spatial information for navigation and manipulation in robotics are covered as well.
  • Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree and a course in data structures (such as CS 225)