Online Courses

Fall 2006 Course Catalog

Engineering Online offers a wide variety of courses allowing you to work toward the completion of a graduate degree, certification or to simply update your professional skill set. Engineering and computer science courses are offered at the 400- and 500-levels for graduate credit. These courses and degree programs are exactly the same as the on-campus courses and programs. New courses will be added each semester in various areas of engineering and computer science.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

CS 423 — CRN: 45753 — Operating Systems Design
CS 527 — CRN: 41597 — Topics in Software Engineering

Energy and Sustainability Engineering

Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship

Currently, alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign receive a 10% discount on Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship courses. Read More.

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mathematics for Engineers

MATH 461 EGR — CRN: 41584 — Probability Theory

Mechanical Science and Engineering

ME 430 — CRN: 41755 — Failure of Engrg Materials
ME 471 — CRN: 41754 — Finite Element Analysis

ME 597 — Independent Study (Non-thesis Master's Project)
ME 599 — Thesis Research (1-8 Hours)