Online Courses

Summer 2011 Course Catalog

Engineering Online offers a wide variety of courses allowing you to work toward the completion of a graduate degree, certification or to simply update your professional skill set. Engineering and computer science courses are offered at the 400- and 500-levels for graduate credit. These courses and degree programs are exactly the same as the on-campus courses and programs. New courses will be added each semester in various areas of engineering and computer science.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Energy and Sustainability Engineering

ENG 471 — CRN: 36222 — Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg

Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship

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ENG 460 — CRN: 35614 — Lect in Engrg Entrepreneurship
ENG 466 — CRN: 35615 — High-Tech Venture Marketing
ENG 560 — CRN: 36223 — Managing Advanced Technol I
ENG 561 — CRN: 36224 — Managing Advanced Technol II
ENG 565 — CRN: 35131 — Technology Innovation and Strategy
ENG 566 — CRN: 35132 — Finance for Engineering Mgmt
ENG 567 — CRN: 35616 — Venture Funded Startups

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mathematics for Engineers

MATH 461 EGR — CRN: 31859 — Probability Theory

Mechanical Science and Engineering

ME 597 — Independent Study (Non-thesis Master's Project)
ME 599 — Thesis Research (1-8 Hours)