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CS 411 - Database Systems

Spring 2019

Database SystemsCPF69921ONL4 -    Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
Database SystemsCPS69453ONL3 -    Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
Database SystemsDSO67992ONL4 -    Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
Database SystemsONL40658ONL4 -    Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang

Course Description

This course examines the logical organization of databases: the entity-relationship model, the hierarchical, network, and relational data models and their languages. Functional dependencies and normal forms are also considered. Topics include design, implementation, and optimization of query languages, security and integrity, concurrency control, and distributed database systems.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours (CS certificate students must take this course for 4 hours).


A course in data structures, software principles, and algorithms. Application programming will be required.