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CS 465 - User Interface Design

Fall 2015

User Interface DesignONL56646ONL -    Wai-Tat Fu
Qingzi Liao

Course Description

This is a project-focused course covering fundamental principles of user interface design, implementation, and evaluation. Students will work in small teams on a term-long project that involves: analysis of the problem domain, user skills, and tasks; iterative prototyping of interfaces to address user needs; conducting several forms of evaluation such as cognitive walkthroughs and usability tests; implementation of the final prototype. Non-technical majors may enroll as non-programmers who participate in all aspects of the projects with the possible exception of implementation.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours (CS certificate students must take this course for 4 hours).


A course in data structures and software principles (such as CS 225).

Subject Area

Computer Science