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ME 522 - Thermal Radiation

Fall 2016

Thermal RadiationONL63836ONL -    M Quinn Brewster

Course Description

Thermal Radiation, ME 522, is for engineers and scientists interested in thermal radiation phenomena,
both properties and transfer. This course covers both engineered systems (combustion, propulsion, heat
exchange, solar energy, materials processing, etc.) and environmental systems (solar radiation, atmospheric
radiation, and factors influencing planetary temperature and climate change). The first part of the course will
cover Surface Radiation (non-participating media), including results of electromagnetic theory as applied to
metals, dielectrics, and semi-conductors; while the second part will cover Participating Media, including
molecular gas radiation and particle and droplet optical properties. We will learn how to solve the radiative
transfer equation, alone and coupled with the energy equation, by both analytical and Monte Carlo methods.
We will also learn how to evaluate radiative properties of materials of engineering and environmental
importance in both bulk and particulate form: metals, semi-conductors, plastics, ceramics, and liquids, as well
as molecular gases.

Credit Hours

4 Hours


A course in Intermediate Heat Transfer (ME 420).

A course in Intermediate Gas Dynamics (ME 410).

Subject Area

Mechanical Science and Engineering