Featured Interview: Hwangkyu Shin

Computer Science '12

Hwangkyu Shin

What drew you to the program?

There are several courses which support employees in my company, as long as they want to become more educated.

What advice do you have for incoming online students?

Especially for international students, they need to get ready for taking more time. In my case, I had to deal with two different challenging things: one is English, and two is studying computer science that is most advanced and trendy.

What did you like best about the program?

When I took CS 598, I really respected Professor Ralph Johnson personally, and I could talk to him by phone call and I ask him how to make my code better, so I really enjoyed it.

How did you hear about the program?

From my company—I didn’t have much information about the schools in the United States, but I could apply for these kinds of courses from the company and I was picked out of 13,000 employees at Samsung in CS.

What was your favorite class?

My favorite class was CS 598, and advanced database as well because I could learn a lot of trendy technology like sentiment classification for extracting variable data from a database website.

How much time did you spend per week in class?

25-30 hours a week, usually, because I had to listen to the lecture [several times] because I wanted to understand it really well [due to the challenge of language translation from English].

What was your plan of attack to stay on top of your job, classes, and personal life?

It was really challenging; while I was taking these courses, I had two babies—so it was not easy for my wife to deal with having a husband studying all the time. Especially when I was in Japan working on a project which was [particularly taxing], I would come home at 2 o’clock in the morning, and after that I had to study. So it’s really important to prepare for the course.

Did you feel part of the CS @ Illinois community?

Yes I did because they always tried to contact me by email or by Skype. I could talk to them very easily and learn from TAs and very active professors as well.