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Fall 2018 Registration is Now Closed

Important Dates
May 29: first day of Summer 2018 courses
July 9: Registration for Fall 2018 Begins
August 2: last day of Summer 2018 courses
August 3: first day of Summer 2018 final exams
August 21: Fall 2018 enrollment deadline to avoid processing delays
August 27: first day of Fall 2018 courses

Students who have not been admitted to a degree program should register by Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Registration after this date may delay receipt of NetID and NetID password.

How to Register

Step 1: Read this important information regarding payment and refunds.
Step 2: Visit our Course Offerings page to view course descriptions, prerequisites, and to select the appropriate CRN.
Step 3: Register for courses.

It is very important that you are familiar with Cancel, Drop, and Withdrawal policies before enrolling in an online course. Contact us at engr-o2pep@illinois.edu with any questions before enrolling. You do not need to be admitted to a degree or certificate program in order to enroll in an online course. Any student with a bachelor's degree can register for an online course as a non-degree student (please note that non-degree students who are taking courses are not in a degree program and successful completion of these courses does not guarantee admissions into the degree program.). Individuals are responsible for determining if they have the required course prerequisites prior to registering. Up to 12 hours of University of Illinois credit, taken prior to being admitted, will transfer into a degree program with departmental approval.

System Requirements

Since you will be conducting your coursework online, including watching lectures and submitting assignments, we recommend that you have a good quality computer and a reliable Internet connection. A fast, reliable Internet connection makes it easier to participate in the class. Taking classes with connections under 128Kbps is possible, but we recommend a broadband connection. It is very important that you visit our Demos page to ensure that you can view the course lectures adequately before registering for courses.