student and faculty conducting research

PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Chi Hang Boyce Tsang

  • Advisor:
      • Steve Granick
  • Departments:
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Physics
  • Areas of Expertise:
      • Polymer science
      • Colloids
      • Emulsions
      • Optics
      • Microscopy
      • Programming
      • Matlab

  • Thesis Title:
      • Microscopic dynamics of soft matter systems
  • Thesis abstract:
      • Much of the physical properties of soft material systems are determined by their microscopic structures and dynamics. This makes microscopy an extremely universal tool to investigate their fundamental properties. In this thesis, we surveyed various systems including synthetic flexible polymer, semiflexible polymer and emulsion systems. We have elucidated several important mechanisms in material design, namely the emergent packing of actin gel, light sensitivity in copolymer and the active collective and oscillatory behavior driven by solubilization.
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