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PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Ehsan Salimi

  • Advisor:
      • Prof. Sreenivas
  • Departments:
    • Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Areas of Expertise:
      • Data Mining
      • Optimization
      • Algorithms

  • Thesis Title:
      • On the properties of right-closed set
  • Thesis abstract:
      • Right-closed sets are essential part of the the liveness problem in Discrete event/dynamic systems. They also appear in the economics, the preferences of individuals, and many other area. In this thesis, I focused on developing a polynomial-time algorithm for checking the convexity of such sets. Verifying the convexity of geometric sets, is an undecidable problem in nature; In this thesis: 1. We show that the problem of verifying the right-closed sets is decidable; 2. Then we propose an algorithm which can verify this property in a polynomial time. 3. The algorithm, leads to a new paradigm in enforcing liveness in Discrete event/dynamic systems, specially in Petri Nets.
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