Interdisciplinary Research Themes

At Illinois Engineering, we place great pride in our interdisciplinary work ethic. Research centers and labs were created to promote this work and drive innovation and ideas in nationally important technological areas.

These incubators share the common goals of providing superior research capabilities in the fundamental engineering sciences in collaboration with industrial and governmental laboratories. They also support undergraduate and graduate student education and enhance rapid technology transfer from the University to industry. Most of the centers were initiated with federal funds, but many also have strong affiliations with industry.

Driving Change from Illinois

The Visioning Future Excellence initiative here at Illinois speaks to our commitment to drive change for some of the world's most pressing issues. In Engineering, we play a major role in creating and implementing this change. Our interdisciplinary centers are organized within the themes we are focusing on: Information and Technology, Health and Wellness, Energy and Environment, Industrial and Applied Research, and Education.

Multidisciplinary Centers

Information and Technology

Health and Wellness

Energy and Environment

Industrial and Applied Research


* Administered by other units on campus