When thinking about undergraduate research, it's important to look at all your options. Utilize the resources below to be prepared for this opportunity.

Undergraduate Research Workshop

The Undergraduate Research Workshop, sponsored by the Engineering Council, is an opportunity for you to learn more about participating in research. As an undergraduate student, you may think that you are unable to conduct research. This workshop provides information to get you involved. Each spring, this workshop unites undergraduate students interested in research with professors looking for undergraduate help.

Undergraduate Research Resource Fair

The College of Engineering Office of Research, Undergraduate Programs Office, and the Engineering Council Deans Student Advisory Committee sponsor the Undergraduate Research Resource Fair at least once a year, typically early in the semester. This event provides engineering undergraduate students the opportunity to gather information on how to get involved in research, meet people from different research laboratories and undergraduate research programs, and learn more about engineering research.

Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Awards

External Travel Grants

Campus-Wide Funding Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Symposium

The campus-wide Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) hosts Undergraduate Research Week every year during the month of April. OUR also holds the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) during this time. Undergraduate students across the campus are encouraged to present their research through presentations and posters. Proposal submissions are usually accepted mid-January to mid-February. The URS is an opportunity for undergraduate students to also learn about research in different disciplines throughout campus and get to know people who do research in various areas.

Academic Integrity

Performing research is a huge responsibility. You will be making discoveries, relied on by a team, and your work will both build upon others and be buit upon in the future. Integrity is vital. Not knowing the rules is not an option. Prepare yourself with the keys to academic integrity.