A main benefit of Engineering at Illinois is the quality of opportunities offered to you outside the classroom. Getting involved builds leadership, friendships, and résumés. Plus, you’ll have a great time!

Engineering Open House

One of the highlights of the year, Engineering Open House (EOH) brings thousands of visitors to campus each March. For more than 90 years, this showcase event has been run by students and is noted nationally as the standard for this type of event.

Get involved with EOH by:

  • Becoming a member of the EOH Central Committee (applications open in mid-March and close mid-April)
  • Becoming a member of an EOH Sub-Committee, such as Jerry Sanders Design Competition, Corporate, or Publicity (applications on a rolling basis)
  • Creating an Exhibit (registration opens after finals of Fall semester and closes first week of school in Spring semester)
  • Volunteering to run the event (registration opens in February)

Engineering Expo

Sponsored by students on Engineering Council, the Engineering Employment Expo, is a career fair held both in the fall and the spring. It features over 100 companies who hire for full-time positions, internships, and co-ops. This is a great way to find that perfect position and get hired!

If you want to get involved with Expo planning, it’s a way to network with prospective employers, build your event planning skills, and be more knowledgeable about which position you really want for your summer internship or first job.