Student Organizations

Engineering Council (EC)

Engineering Council at Illinois really makes a difference. This is the students' voice in the College and consists of an executive board that oversees 13 committees and more than 70 professional and honorary engineering societies.

EC events are designed to help you develop leadership skills, work closely with Engineering administration, and build a strong network of friends and peers within the College.

Engineering Council is also responsible for hosting the Employment Expo and Engineering Open House. Get involved by applying for the executive board, having your society join EC, or attend the many activities and events they plan during the year.

Engineering Ambassadors (EA)

The goal of Engineering Ambassadors is to inspire middle and high school students to challenge conventional ideas about science and engineering.

Illinois Engineering Ambassadors is a professional outreach program part of a national network and sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Engineering. Our ambassadors serve as role models of engineering to those who are classically underrepresented and underserved in engineering fields. We seek to change the conversation about what it means to be an engineer by focusing on how engineers are positively impacting the health, happiness, and safety of our world.

We offer highly engaging presentations and activities on a range of engineering topics that are appropriate for many different grade levels. To ensure that our Ambassadors are well equipped to discuss complex engineering concepts, we train all our EA’s in effective presentation and communication techniques.

Engineering Student Alumni Ambassadors (ESAA)

Join Engineering Student Alumni Ambassadors to plan and host events and programs to increase student-alumni relations.

The goal of working with Engineering alumni is to both inspire students to become active alumni and for the alums to engage with current students by providing advice and networking opportunities.

What ESAA Does

  • Plans alumni events at Engineering Career EXPO, Engineering Open House, and Homecoming
  • Produces an e-newsletter for alums
  • Organizes an alumni reception with student representatives in Chicago
  • Hosts a networking dinner for students and alumni

Engineering Organizations

There are more than 70 professional and honorary engineering societies affiliated with majors in the College. Following is a sample of the groups that you will hear about and may want to get involved with once on campus.

Office for Technical Consulting Resources (OTCR)

OTCR is a non-profit consulting organization run by extremely bright and technically proficient students at the University of Illinois. The mission of this entirely student-run consulting service is to: a) deliver outstanding solutions to clients for their unique business challenges; and b) accelerate learning in a high-energy environment to prepare our students to become leaders in a variety of different careers. OTCR is comprised of 50 top students, primarily from the Colleges of Engineering and Business, and has advised clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses in a variety of industries and practice areas for over 10 years.